OHBP work on Baseline Data of Pharmaceutical Pollution in Scotland’s water presented at SAGES conference

The OHBP co-ordinator presented work from the Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) project “Pharmaceuticals in the water environment: baseline assessment and recommendations” at the annual conference for the Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society (SAGES) in Dundee. Lydia’s presentation highlighted the background and formation of the OHBP, and collaborative work carried out by researchers Glasgow Caledonian University, University of the Highlands and Islands, and the James Hutton Institute to deliver the first national assessment of pharmaceutical pollution of Scotland’s water environment.

Downloadable pdf slides from the presentation are available under the OHBP’s Outputs – Conference Activity (here).

The full report, database and appendices are publicly available on the CREW website (link below).


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