One Health Hydro Nation Project (2020 – present)

The OHBP is influenced by Scottish Government priorities – including the Scottish National Performance Framework Outcomes, the Hydro Nation agenda, strategies for environment, climate and energy, and Green Recovery. Recently we received funding from the Scottish Government Water Industry Division to carry out our work.

The One Health Hydro Nation project aims to support the OHBP in forming a sustainable and effective multi-agency collaboration. This enabled appointment of a dedicated co-ordinator to drive activity and development of the partnership. Other aims include advancing work into innovative and sustainable methods to reduce the occurrence of pharmaceuticals in the environment. Achievements include enacting recommendations from the CREW phase I project, and furthering work to achieve Alliance for Water Stewardship status at hospitals across the Highlands. See our output about achieving AWS status at the Caithness General Hospital here.

The OHBP is developing a hub of expertise and activity in the One Health field, primarily focussing on pharmaceuticals in the environment. As we become established with our primary workstream on pharmaceuticals in the environment – we will look to develop related workstreams including antimicrobial resistance in the environment, and broaden our collaborations and networks.

Through this project, the OHBP is working closely with representatives in the water, environment, health, and pharmaceutical sectors of the Scottish Government to increase the visibility, outreach, and impact of the partnership – and establish links with the private sector. The OHBP is positioning itself as an asset to the Scottish Government, and will offer services and advice to develop evidence-based policy and establish Scotland as a global leader in managing One Health and water related issues.