lindsey Green

OHBP Co-Founder

Lindsey has worked in Environmental Protection for over 27 years initially as an Environmental Health Officer in a large urban local authority; to working in the Scottish Environment Protection Agency in operational roles across Environmental Regulation, Strategy and Policy.

At University Lindsey learned about the social reformer Edwin Chadwick, a key proponent of sanitary reform. His recommendations to government that they should provide clean water, improve drainage systems and enable local councils to clear away refuse from homes and streets instituted major reforms in public health. His work was instrumental to Lindsey’s career choice and is integral to her interest and involvement in the One Health Breakthrough Partnership, recognising that human health and environmental health are closely interconnected. Water quality is fundamental to both.

Working in collaboration with the OHBP partners her role is to help SEPA identify opportunities and use our collective knowledge and expertise, strategic partnerships, relevant sector plans and data to support our collective ambition and projects within the One Health Breakthrough Partnership.

Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Health

Chartered Environmental Health Officer

Member of the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland

BSc (Hons) Environmental Health (First Class), University of Strathclyde