Scottish Environment Protection Agency

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is Scotland’s principal environmental regulator, with a statutory purpose to protect and improve the environment (environmental success) in ways that, as far as possible, create health and well-being benefits (social success) and sustainable economic growth (economic success). As an organisation with a strong science base, SEPA monitors, assesses, and reports on the state of Scotland’s air, land and water, and the many pressures on them, and uses this information to advise government, industry and the public on best environmental practice. SEPA has a range of enforcement powers that it uses to ensure that regulations and associated standards are met. It works in partnership with other agencies, organisations and policy makers, to increase understanding and build consensus on environmental priorities and issues and works with business and industry to help them achieve and go beyond compliance. SEPA is a founding member of the One Health Breakthrough Partnership and is working with a number of partners to help deliver more sustainable health care in Scotland and reduce the unintended entry of pharmaceuticals into Scotland’s environment.

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