Publications and Case Studies

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Estimation of Pharmaceutical Concentrations in Wastewater Using the Data Visualisation Tool: Factors affecting measured and predicted influent pharmaceutical wastewater concentrations – Report 2023

SEPA publication on data visualisation tool – Pharmaceuticals in the Water Environment

Broadening the perspective on reducing pharmaceutical residues in the environment” – Review article 2023 – Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

First, do no harm: time for a systems approach to address the problem of health-care-derived pharmaceutical pollution” – Commentary article 2022 – The Lancet Planetary Health

Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) – Report 2022, “Pharmaceuticals in the water environment: baseline assessment and recommendations”

Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) – Report 2022, “Environmentally informed pharmaceutical prescribing in Scotland”

Alliance for Water Stewardship publications on the Caithness General Hospital – Case study 2021, “The first hospital in the world to achieve Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) certification”

  1. Executive Summary (link)
  2. Report (link)

Pharmaceutical monitoring in the River Dee (Aberdeenshire) – Journal publication 2021 – Environmental Pollution, “Spatiotemporal trends and annual fluxes of pharmaceuticals in a Scottish priority catchment”

Caithness General Hospital case study – Journal publication 2020 – Science of the Total Environment, “Assessing hospital impact of pharmaceuticals in a rural source-to-sink water system” (link)

Blue prescription programmes in health and social care settings and their Implications for current and post covid-19 pandemic mental healthcare: a systemic review of evidence using realist synthesis – Journal publication 2021