About Us


Sharon works for NHS Highland in Inverness as a Consultant in Pharmaceutical Public Health. She combines a degree in Pharmacy and training and registration in Public Health to consider the use of pharmaceuticals (medicines) at a population level.  

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Stuart Gibb

Stuart is currently Director of the Environmental Research Institute-University of the Highlands and Islands, and is UHI’s leading professor in Environmental Sciences and Vice Principal of International and External Engagement.

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Elise Cartmell

Elise is the Chief Scientist at Scottish Water and is responsible for their Scientific and Business Excellence Services. She joined Scottish Water in 2016, following a career in academia at Cranfield University

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Bess Homer

Bess is a Strategic Planner at Scottish Water and is the Project Sponsor for the Chemical Investigation Project Scotland and chairs the Plastic Impact Reduction Group.  

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fiona whyte

Fiona joined the Scottish Environment Protection Agency in 2008, and has held a variety of roles that demonstrate how effective working partnerships and collaboration can deliver greater collective benefits for all involved.

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Lindsey Green

Lindsey has worked in Environmental Protection for over 27 years initially as an Environmental Health Officer in a large urban local authority; to working in the Scottish Environment Protection Agency in operational roles across Environmental Regulation, Strategy and Policy.  

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Rachel Helliwell is the Director of the Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) and the Hydro Nation International Centre (HNIC), James Hutton Institute, Scotland. The Centres deliver at the water policy: research interface, involving co-construction of knowledge between academics and the water stakeholder community of policy, industry and practitioners.

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PDRA & Project Co-ordinator

Lydia Niemi

Lydia is a PDRA and coordinates activities for the OHBP, in particular the UKRI MRC project to develop an eco-directed formulary with NHS Highland, the Environmental Research Institute, and University of Nottingham.

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Research Fellow & Project Co-ordinator

neil james

Neil is a Research Fellow at the Environmental Research Institute, University of the Highlands and Islands, and is a project co-ordinator for OHBP.

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