Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) – One Health Network (2019-2021)

OHBP representatives from ERI-UHI and NHS Highland are part of the Global Challenges Research Fund-One Health network, and participated in the “Health, Clean Water, and Soil” project from 2019 – 2021. This project focused on reducing health problems relating to water and soil pollution, and brought together researchers, academics, health and environmental experts, social scientists and economists, private sector/industry representatives, diplomats and government officials from the four partner nations: Scotland/the UK, Grenada, Jamaica, and Kenya. The project was led by the British Institute in Eastern Africa. By adopting the One Health approach, the GCRF-One Health network developed affordable, sustainable, equitable, and gender-balanced solutions in climate-stressed, rural and deprived urban communities in Kenya, Jamaica and Grenada.

Through this project, the OHBP developed online learning materials for the free, open course “Water, Soil, and Health” hosted by St George’s University (Grenada). The course included modules and live discussions with experts from the GCRF partner nations. The Scotland-led module showcased industry innovation and active research that is stimulating cross-sector collaborations and knowledge exchange, influencing policy, and advancing the field for sustainable One Health outcomes in Scotland.

More information on the OHBP activity in St George’s University free, open course is available here, and a recording of the live session webinar with OHBP members is shown below.

The OHBP participated in the end of project conference in September 2021. The international conference included interactive sessions and panel discussions with researchers, industry experts, and key stakeholders from the GCRF partner nations – and highlighted the progress achieved especially around community-led interventions on wastewater treatment and sustainability in agriculture, international outreach and collaboration, sociological solutions and education. The Scotland-led contributions showcased ERI-UHI research around pharmaceutical pollution and hospital impact on rural waste systems, Clean Water Wave’s water treatment technology, and our cross-sector collaborations that are stimulating knowledge exchange, influencing policy, and advancing the field for sustainable One Health outcomes in Scotland.

Partner Institutions