OHBP contributed to newly published NHS Scotland Climate Emergency and Sustainability Strategy (2022-26)

Following the draft consultation period, the Scottish Government has published the NHS Scotland Climate Emergency and Sustainability Strategy (2022-2026). This document sets out plans for NHS Scotland to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and impact on the environment, adapt to climate change and to better contribute to the United Nation sustainable development goals. It has been developed by the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland Assure.

“Good care is environmentally sustainable care”

Quote in forward by Humza Yousaf, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care

The strategy includes pharmaceutical pollution, medicines waste, and water stewardship under several priority areas – including “Sustainable Buildings and Land”, “Sustainable Goods and Services”, and “Sustainable Care”. This highlights the social, environmental, economic, and climate benefits from informing better medicine prescribing behaviour and reducing waste in the healthcare sector – and these issues are now key policy areas for health boards to address.

OHBP steering group member and co-founder, Sharon Pfleger (NHS Highland), sits on the national oversight board for delivery of the strategy (formerly for the strategy development), with the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Sharon oversaw the OHBP’s comment to the draft consultation, and facilitated the OHBP’s involvement in driving these issues at the policy level. And the OHBP is included in the strategy as a case study for best practice (see the Caithness General Hospital pilot study listed on pg 32), and advocating multi-agency collaboration to drive action in the field of medicines waste and pharmaceutical pollution.

This strategy will be launched in the NHS Highland region over the coming period.

Find the strategy here: NHS Scotland climate emergency and sustainability strategy: 2022-2026 – gov.scot (www.gov.scot)

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