Prioritising Change in the Pharmaceutical Value Chain: ETERNAL’s Stakeholder Survey

At the heart of the One Health Breakthrough Partnership (OHBP) lies a shared commitment to addressing critical One Health issues including the distirbuton, fate, and impact of pharmaceuticals in the environment. OHBP‘s work on pharmaceuticals in the environment aligns seamlessly with the ETERNAL project’s overarching goal: reducing the environmental impact of pharmaceutical products throughout their entire life cycle. The ETERNAL Project, a four-year HORIZON Research and Innovation Action, brings together sixteen partners across Europe in pursuit of a more sustainable pharmaceutical future.

ETERNAL’s mission encompasses the entire life-cycle of pharmaceutical products, emphasising the importance of a holistic approach. This approach includes evaluating the environmental risks of active pharmaceutical ingredients, residues, metabolites, and other by-products. The project team, formed as an industry-research-compliance partnership, is dedicated to co-designing application-oriented research and development across various industrial case studies.

These studies focus on key enabling technologies, such as Green Chemistry, Mechanochemistry, and Digitalisation, with the goal of reducing the use of solvents, optimising solvent recycling, and developing more eco-efficient purification methods. Additionally, ETERNAL assesses the regulatory implications of these innovations to ensure compliance while generating new scientific knowledge on the environmental fate and eco-toxicological effects of pharmaceuticals.

The Stakeholder Survey

To prioritise action for sustainable healthcare, ETERNAL has launched a Short Stakeholder Survey. The survey aims to gather insights and opinions from those involved in the pharmaceutical value chain. This includes professionals engaged in drug development, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and disposal. You can participate in the stakeholder survey online, which only takes a few minutes to complete, with a deadline of October 31st, 2023.

Access the ETERNAL’s Stakeholder Survey or read more about the ETERNAL project.

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