Faculty of Public Health’s virtual conference on 12-13 May will feature plenary by OHBP Co-Founder

The Faculty of Public Health in Scotland will host a virtual conference on May 12-13 “Public health – lighting the path for the next 10, 20, 50 years. Healthier lives and fairer futures through sustainable transformation, local and global action“. This conference will reflect on the 50 years existence of the Faculty of Public Health and explore the broader vision and bolder ambitions of public health in Scotland. This will include opportunities to collaborate and develop ways to achieve healthier lives and fairer futures for all.

OHBP Co-founder Sharon Pfleger will deliver a plenary on “Integrated Approaches – Health and the Environment”, alongside a variety of high-level plenaries covering topics such as climate change and health, digital health, and, healthy workforce and wellbeing.

The two day conference will also feature a variety of poster, presentations, and workshops from the Faculty of Public Health, NHS and university partners, and stakeholders covering many aspects of health – including those related to the environment like the importance of greenspace to wellbeing, collaborative approaches for health and the natural environment, and the NHS Scotland climate emergency and sustainability strategy.

Find out more about this conference and the speakers through this link: http://www.fphscotconf.co.uk/106216

More information available below:

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