Publication of “Delivering Value Based Health & Care: A Vision for Scotland” 

The new publication from the Chief Medical Officer sets out some of the challenges our health and care system in Scotland is facing and how practising Realistic Medicine can help deliver a more sustainable system.

Delivering value based health and care: a vision for Scotland – (

The publication includes six commitments on what will be done to support health and care professionals deliver care that people value. This will be done by practicing Realistic Medicine (see infographic).

It also highlights that we need to improve the environmental impact of healthcare, stating: “There is an urgent need to act to address the climate emergency. In line with the rest of society, Scotland’s health and care system must accelerate efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and become environmentally sustainable.”

Under Aim 3, the Realistic Medicine agenda will support a culture of stewardship in Scotland, where resources are safeguarded and used responsibly to provide environmentally sustainable healthcare.

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