Scotland’s Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) joins the OHBP steering group!

We are delighted to announce that CREW are officially a member of the One Health Breakthrough Partnership (OHBP). CREW has been supportive of the OHBP since it’s foundation in 2017, and will strengthen the OHBP’s ongoing collaboration between scientists, utilities, regulators, public health specialists and policymakers, working together to tackle the interconnected challenges impacting the health of humans, nature and the environment.

OHBP co-founders Rachel Helliwell (CREW), Sharon Pfleger (NHS Highland), Stuart Gibb (Environmental Research Institute-University of the Highlands and Islands), Bess Homer (Scottish Water), and Lindsey Green (SEPA) at the Scottish Environment Business VIBES awards ceremony.  


As a Centre of Expertise, CREW will contribute its experience, operating at the science : policy interface, to build upon its foundational research and develop evidence-based policy that delivers improvements to water quality in Scotland and serve as a model worldwide.

The Water Quality and Health theme within the current CREW programme (2022-2027) closely aligns with the OHBP’s strategic objectives and primary focus on addressing pharmaceutical pollution in the environment. CREW will use the well-established links with stakeholders across the water sector and research community to raise awareness of pharmaceutical pollution and to promote positive action on medicine use and disposal, to reduce the risk of pharmaceutical pollution of Scotland’s water.

Researcher sampling river water to assess for pharmaceutical contamination in the River Dee (Aberdeenshire).

Read more on CREW on the “Our Partners” page: Centre of Expertise for Waters – One Health Breakthrough Partnership (

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