UK Water Industry Research reports on contaminants in wastewater and sewage

A series of reports on contaminants in wastewater and sewage has recently been published. The UK Water Industry Research’s Phase 3 of Chemical Investigation Program (CIP3) aimed to investigate the wide range of elements affecting water quality, including sources of chemicals, environmental decay and trend analysis, emerging and watch list substances, microplastics, and anti-microbial resistance (AMR). Additionally, the program aimed to develop a better understanding of the inputs of chemicals to biosolids, groundwater, transitional and coastal waters, and alternative pathway control measures.

The findings of the CIP3 project are expected to have a significant impact on the water industry, contributing to the UK Water Industry Research’s ‘Big Question’ strategic research program and Ofwat’s drive for innovation. The program’s results will also have implications for cross-cutting issues such as chemical fate, source control, economics of substance removal, public health engagement, energy, testing future compliance, and soil health.

The CIP3 project was a collaborative effort, bringing together the UK water industry and regulators, including NRW, SEPA, EA, Ofwat, and Defra, under the direct guidance of a Project Steering Group. The data collected from the project will inform policy decisions and contribute to Price Review 2024 (PR24).

The reports from the CIP3 project are now available to view on the UK Water Industry Research’s website. By clicking the links provided, you can gain access to the results of this comprehensive investigation into the chemicals present in our water sources.

Overall, the CIP3 project sheds light on the importance of understanding the impact of chemicals on our water sources and the role that we all play in ensuring their quality. It is crucial that we continue to invest in research and innovation to safeguard our water supply and ensure that it remains safe for generations to come.

The reports can be accessed here:

Volume 1 Investigations into changes to Antimicrobial Resistance through wastewater and sludge treatment processes

Volume 2 Investigations into the fate and behaviour of Microplastics within wastewater treatment works

Volume 3 Groundwater Investigations

Volume 4 Investigation of environmental die-away of three substances

Volume 5 Monitoring of substances of emerging concern

Volume 6 Biosolids products data report

Volume 7 Transitional and coastal waters report

Volume 8 Mechanisms of chemical removal

Volume 9 Trend analysis report

Volume 10 Substances removal by installed technologies

Volume 11 Sewer and river catchment investigations

Volume 12 Biosolids report

Volume 13 Risk Based Extension to CIP (Data Mining)

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