Procuring for Greener Pharma – Health Care Without Harm report

In a recent report titled “Procuring for Greener Pharma,” Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe has provided recommendations and case studies to help European healthcare procurers incorporate sustainability criteria into their medical purchasing decisions. The report highlights the potential harm that every medicinal product can cause and the importance of careful consideration before purchasing and using them.

The report builds on interviews with various stakeholders involved in sustainable pharmaceutical management, including national procurement agencies, representatives of pharmaceutical companies, and representatives of pharmaceutical conglomerates. The interviews provided insight into the opportunities and challenges associated with sustainable public procurement of pharmaceuticals.

Significant challenges associated with sustainable pharmaceutical procurement include identifying environmentally-friendly alternatives and integrating sustainability criteria into procurement processes. The report highlights that the pharmaceutical industry has a responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of its products. To achieve this, the industry must implement policies to monitor and reduce the emissions of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) into wastewater. Sustainable procurement criteria must also be harmonized between European countries to avoid conflicting or piecemeal standards. Pharmaceutical companies should encourage transparency among their suppliers to understand the impact of APIs on the environment. Healthcare procurers should ensure that sustainable procurement criteria do not disadvantage smaller companies. The focus should be on facilitating the transition of all pharmaceutical companies to a sustainable model.

The “Procuring for Greener Pharma” report provides valuable recommendations and case studies to help healthcare procurers incorporate sustainability criteria into their medical purchasing decisions. By adopting these recommendations, the pharmaceutical industry can work towards a more sustainable future that benefits both human health and the environment.

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