Opportunity to contribute to Blue-Green Prescribing Research

We are pleased to promote a survey contributing to Blue-Green Prescribing Research in Scotland, carried out by researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University. This research is relevant to the One Health Breakthrough Partnership as it is focused on the use of nature-based interventions to protect both human health and the health of our water ecosystems, which aligns with our mission to address complex health challenges at the intersection of human, animal, and environmental health. Scotland’s natural water environments, or ‘blue spaces,’ play a vital role in promoting mental health and wellbeing. However, these spaces are at risk of pharmaceutical pollution, including antidepressants in our lochs and rivers. The Blue-Green Prescribing Programme, which the research aims to inform, could help protect these blue spaces from pollution and promote nature-based and nature-sensitive health interventions that benefit both human and environmental health. We encourage primary care staff working in GP practices and community pharmacies in Scotland to participate in the survey and share their views on an acceptable model of Blue-Green Prescribing in Scotland.

See below for more information:

Investigating the Acceptability of Blue-Green Prescribing in Scotland’s Primary Care Settings

To help with the delivery of the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland’s Climate Emergency and Sustainability Strategy, the Blue-Green Prescribing Research, funded by the Scottish Government Hydro Nation Scholars Programme and the Scottish Funding Council, is conducting a survey to inform the design of an acceptable Blue-Green Prescribing Programme in primary care settings. The Blue-Green Prescribing Programme would help protect our blue spaces from pharmaceutical pollution (i.e antidepressants) by using nature-based and nature-sensitive health interventions, so that these natural resources could be enjoyed by everyone for their own health and wellbeing.

The survey is intended for primary care staff working in GP practices and community pharmacies in Scotland (e.g. GPs, nurses, community pharmacists, technicians, link workers, healthcare assistants, administrative staff, etc). It aims to get the views of healthcare workers in primary care settings about the acceptable model of Blue-Green Prescribing in Scotland that works for them and their patients. The survey could be accessed by scanning the QR code in the image above or through this link: Survey on Blue-Green Prescribing in Scotland. The survey could be accomplished within 5-7 minutes and will be live until at least 15th April 2023.

If you have questions and/or clarifications, please feel free to contact the main researcher: Julze Alejandre at julze.alejandre@gcu.ac.uk or the primary investigator: Karin Helwig at karin.helwig@gcu.ac.uk. We hope that you could help us design one of the first Blue-Green Prescribing Programme globally and in the UK by answering the survey.

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